Long Haul Travel Essentials



Hello everyone!

I am traveling to India within next few days and I am so so excited to celebrate this year’s Diwali there in india with my all my near and dear ones. (for those who don’t know; it’s a festival of lights and one of the most popularly celebrated festival all over the India).

Since its going to be a very long journey from USA to India, I thought of sharing few tips on “Long Haul Flight Survival”. Because, the truth is – no matter how excited we happen to be, its undeniable that flying takes a serious toll on our beauty/health, if we don’t take things in our hands.

As you all know the drill. Hydrate plenty while traveling! Yes, water is an in-flight essential. And the small cups they bring around during the food service are not enough. So its always a good idea to buy and bring your own water bottle before checking in the flight.

Beside staying well hydrated, there are few other things that I don’t forget to do and encourage others (family/friends) to keep those things in mind too. I bet all these suggestions will make your flying experience more pleasant if you decide to act on them.




1. Pre-Travel Prep

First thing first, I really put my focus on preparation before starting the journey. These are the things I like and suggest to do:

Create a Travel Essentials Bag

Get all your essential items in “travel size”, because they are TSA approved. For this reason, one thing that I like to do is, I like to save my samples (the beauty or skincare samples that I get from ulta/sephora) and like to use them during travel.

The goal here is to take a smaller bag full of In-flight essentials, which you can keep inside your carry on bag.

Do A Series Of Face Masks

It is really effective to do a series of moisturizing face masks few days before your travel. Reason, the environmental change inside the plane can make skin dull and dehydrated. Or you can do a mask in flight as well! Yes I’m talking about sleep mask. Use a product that will lock in moisture and provide a protective barrier against all of the recycled air. You can just put it on just before going to sleep and when you’ll wake up, your’ll feel your skin is all hydrated and refreshed.

Deep Condition Your Hair Preflight

The recycled air inside the plane is not only bad for the skin but harsh on the hairs as well. The lack of moisture in the cabin causes water levels in the hair to evaporate, which makes the hair look frizzy and dull. To keep hair soft, go through some deep conditioning hair treatments at home or salon before starting your journey. What I do for deep conditioning treatments is I slather on some conditioner, put the shower cap on, watch my favorite TV show for an hour or so, and then rinse it out.

2. Things You Can Do In Flight (During Travel)

Prefer No Makeup

This way your skin will get a break. It is best to skip foundation, eye makeup, and the rest of the stuff so that this stuff will not sit on your skin throughout your journey which can increase the risk of acne. Instead use a hydrating moisturizer and a light lip gloss.

Moisturize As Much As You Can

The best bet to combat the dry air in the plane is try switching your lotions (body and face) to creams, which are thicker and better to fight off the dry air. Try to use an unscented lotion because strong smells could make you, or your very close seat mate feel airsick.

Also, many people might not know that it is important to use a sunblock even while sitting inside the plane, as while flying, we are exposed to higher levels of radiation (UV rays) simply because plains are positioned closer to the sun for long periods of time when flying.

Also, don’t forget to moisturize your nostrils. A product like ‘Aquaphor’ can be applied to your nostrils to keep them moisturized.

Oral Hygiene

One of the biggest mistakes people make on a long flight is to ignore their oral hygiene. The change in air pressure dehydrates us, and a dry mouth doesn’t have as much bacteria-fighting saliva, as a result it leads to bad breath!

On the other hand, a clean mouth will not only make you feel fresher, but it can also help lets your body know that it’s time for sleep in the night, as a part of your home routine.

To keep it simple you can use products, such as ‘Colgate Wisp’ for quick mouth cleansing.

Feminine Hygiene

Don’t ignore your personal (feminine) hygiene. Carry a pack of feminine wipes and/or bathroom wipes. Bathroom wipes come in handy if you’re traveling or stop at a place where there is no toilet paper. You’ll thank yourself later that you brought these with you.

Be mindful About Your Clothing Choices

This step is the most important steps of all, I belive! Never think of wearing spanx (clothing item) during long hour travel. Tight clothing can restrict pelvic area air circulation. If sweat does not have an opportunity to evaporate, it can open the door for unwanted bacteria.

Also, pick an outfit which is comfortable first and trendy later. Trust me, because if there is any chance that there is long hours delay in your flight or connecting flight, all you’d think of being comfortable in those circumstances!

Wear Right Amount Of Fragrance

Try not to wear too much fragrance or too strong fragrance. It is almost as bad as not wearing any at all. Use mild deodorants and/or fragrance for preventing body odor, especially if you cannot shower right often and regularly. This will keep you feeling fresh and your seat mates will thank you too😀

Stretch Out Your Neck

Stretch you neck muscles while you air travel. It really helps. Repeat this about every hour or two. You should get up at least once in every two hours and stretch your legs/body. You can either do it on your seat or can just take a walk, even if it’s a quick one towards the bathroom. It will encourage efficient blood circulation in your body while traveling.

Apply The Landing Makeup

Now this step is totally optional. They say, a fresh coat of red lipstick on your lips is an instant beauty boost. Just moisturize your lips before doing that.

And at last, have a positive mindset. A long plane ride can be a good opportunity to catch up on books and movies or to sleep, meditate, or write a business plan for your dream job. Just try to relax and enjoy your ride🙂

I would love to know your thoughts and any suggestions on this post. With all this excitement, I wish you all a very happy, prosperous and safe Diwali. And a very happy and spooky Halloween!😀

See you all soon in the next post.

Until then…

Trends That Every It-Girl Is Wearing Right Now

Fashion trends are like seasons; they come and go. No matter how awful some fashion trends were in the past, few of them always manage to come back with a tweak.

It is also true that most women love to stay updated with the latest trends and like to wear what is currently in style.

Just like that, after the ‘laceups’, ‘cold shoulders’ and ‘open shoulders’, there are few trends on the trend list currently, that every It-girl is wearing right now! Honestly, no one seems to get away with these trendy pieces.


Current Trends List:


Pleated Midi Skirts

These skirts, often featuring pleats, create just enough flash while maintaining the right level of modesty. You can pair it with a chunky knit and ankle boots during this transitional weather.



Bell (baby) Sleeves

Now in the Fall, sadly the shoulders are not likely to get anymore attention😀 Instead the ‘Baby-bell sleeve’ tops and dresses replaced them.

Bell sleeved tops (blouses, sweaters) look incredibly elegant. You can pair them with a pair of jeans, or under a mini or maxi dress, depending on the temperature.

The whole idea behind this trend is to make a statement entirely based on sleeves without giving any further stretch to other items in whole look.



Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets, I don’t think is a seasonal item anymore! They were up year-round, meaning it’s about style as much as its utility. These jackets quickly went from a must-have item to a closet staple in a matter of months.



Block Heel Pumps

Chunky block heels are not only on-trend but also are very comfortable and adorable. This season’s block heels are so in vogue. It is a classy way to refresh your denim outfits, office looks, and everything in between.



Ankle High Boots

Which is the one shoe style do you think every woman needs in her fall wardrobe this Fall? I know… A sick pair of ankle boots! (Sigh)

This particular fit of ankle boots hits just a little higher than your average booties, say, just above your ankles.

You would love to pair them with either a cropped skinny jeans, midi skirts or dresses for  fall/winter, but I tell you… they are already a hit!



Statement Chokers

Trust me, the world is obsessed over choker necklaces right now. The choker, of any style, name it: velvet, metal, rhinestone or leather has been popular so far. These styles will be popular through the Fall too!




Guitar Strap Bags

The trendiest add-ons for handbags this Fall are not playful pompoms or fuzzy charms, but rather ‘Thick guitar straps’ that will serve to amp up and update your handbag game.

Wide, embellished guitar straps are the headline for the ‘Fall Handbag Trend’ this season. Multicolored embroidery, appliqué, studs and more. This show stopping bag trend is the most buzzed about this Fall.



Fall Florals

Its not every Fall, that the designers play with florals. But for 2016, a pretty large number of designers added small yet bold prints to few clothing pieces: sweatshirts, skirts and dresses.

You’ll ask what’s interesting about the florals for Fall 2016 then? It is that they aren’t particularly autumnal. You can use them through springtime, too!

Floral prints mixed with other botanical design patterns, floral tights and floral knee-high boots are up on the streets already.



Layered Necklaces

Although chokers are not going anywhere any soon, but here comes another trend to replace the heavier statement necklaces, is that, the ‘Layered necklaces’.

The key to this trend is easy. Just pile on the delicate simple and small necklaces and be ready to make a big statement. The trick is to  just mix lengths so that the chains don’t tangle while you wear them.

For example to go for a graduated effect—start with a delicate shorter necklace and then move on to slightly chunkier, longer necklaces. Say a delicate diamond + small gold charm + medium gold charm and you are good to go!



With all this, ending this post by wishing you all a great weekend🙂

Don’t forget to share  your views on these trends. I’ll be waiting🙂

See you soon in the next post.

Until then…

Tips & Tricks For Dark Lip: Fall Edition


Dark lips in the fall are as groundbreaking as florals for spring! The time has finally come for the bold, deep and darker lip looks. Precisely, Fall is an opportune time to stash all your summer’s pink and nude lipsticks and switch to something bold.

But before diving into this bold(ness), there are few set of rules you need to follow which can make a huge difference in overall look.

If you want to achieve the perfect dark lip look, I bet you can’t go wrong with these tips and tricks. Please keep reading.

1. First thing first, find out the right lip color for you. Do some research and find out what you are into. There are many options available with different undertones: Mahogany, Deep burgundy, Bordeaux, Merlot, Wine and so on.

2. And by that, I mean to find a right color with ‘right undertone’ which would flatter your skin tone. For example if your are choosing wine lipstick shade, you need to make sure that the undertone of that wine lipstick should match with your own skin tone (cool, warm or neutral). This way the color will look more flattering on you. Here’s a real simple trick to do this. When you’re trying a lip shade in a department store or in a drug store, apply the shade to your lips and see if it brightens your face or makes you look tired. If it lights up your complexion, that’s the right shade for you.


3. Next, prep your lips by exfoliating and moisturizing before application.This will make the color go on smoother and last longer. Thinking to wear a dark lip color on chapped lips is a strict NO-NO.


4. Make sure to remove those baby hairs around your lips. If you’ll ignore this step, those hairs are going to look more prominent than ever, once you wear a dark lip! Your mouth area is going be noticeable.



5. It is important to conceal your dark under eye area to provide a clean canvas for darker lips. And try to keep the face neutral.You also have to spend a minute to perfect your skin, which is something a lot of people tend to forget. Look for a good BB or CC cream. Use a tinted moisturizer that will help you achieve a glowing and more even complexion. It will help the dark lip stand out as bolder, cleaner and with more impact.


6. Next apply the lipstick. Just DON’T apply it straight from lipstick bullet. Instead, it will be better to use a lip brush to give you a control over the application and intensity. Brush will help apply the product on your lips evenly. Swipe it on from the outer corner of the mouth to center on both the upper and lower lips, then fill in the rest of the pout. Once you’ve applied your lipstick with a lip brush, run your liner in a matching shade along the perimeter of your lips to give them a borderline.

In some cases, the lip pencils can be overwhelming and take the focus away from the actual lip color, so to avoid that, use this one simple trick. If you’re using a matte color, you can use the pencil to smooth and perfect the look after applying the lipstick, but if it’s glossy, you’ll want to apply the liner first to give the lip color hold and definition.


7. Next you got to conceal the area around the lips to create a clean edge. This will give you more elegant, sophisticated and polished look.


8. You must know about keeping your makeup light while wearing a bold lip. But do you know that you need a bold ‘Brow’ to rock this bold lip look? Defined Brow and lots of mascara would make much difference. Avoid contouring and highlighting though, that might can create an unflattering effect!



Last but not least, wear your bold look with confidence. A dark lip, no matter the undertone, is a statement and a strong one, so wear it like you’re going to own it!

A lot of women shy away from dark lips, staying firmly in the pink and nude zone. But the reality is that if you think you can not wear a dark lip, chances are you just haven’t found the right color yet!

So, are you into darker shades too? Let me know what tips and tricks do you use to channel your darker side😉

See you soon in the next post🙂

Until then…

Versatile Blogger Award!


Happy October everyone!🙂

Today I’m so honored and glad to announce that my blog has been nominated for “Versatile Blogger Award” by a fellow blogger named Amrutaa from https://makeupfashionluv.wordpress.com. Amrutaa, A big ‘Thanks to You’ for considering my blog.🙂

I didn’t know about this award (or any online blog awards) until I received the nomination.

I would like to pass this nomination (with a list of Questions) to other fellow bloggers and wish them all the best for their blogging future.

Here are the nominations:

  1. https://thebeautydrive.wordpress.com
  2. https://beinggracefulblog.wordpress.com
  3. http://www.herquarters.com
  4. https://luimariablog.wordpress.com
  5. https://stylehue.wordpress.com

Seven Random Facts About Me: (that you might not even care to know😀 )

1. I can’t see a child sad. It literally breaks my heart.

2. I am a fitness lover. Workout and music in my ears, is my thing.

3. I have a living dream of traveling around the world. I believe in earning experiences than keeping money in my bank account.

4. I admire people with beautiful hearts and beautiful souls. I don’t care how they look  from outside.

5. I love learning about things and stuff, in general.

6. I am a hardcore critic.

7. I am Netflix addict😀


My Questions for the Nominees:

1 Why did you start your blog?

2 How did you come up with the name?

3 Who inspires you?

4 What’s the first thing on your bucket list?

5 What has been the hardest part of blogging for you so far?

Thank you so much Amrutaa!

Happy weekend Y’all.🙂

See you soon in the next post.

Until then…

Monthly Favorites



Happy (almost) October everyone!

These early Autumn days are so magical! I am already in love with the crisp air, pumpkin spice lattes and hot coco🙂 I just can’t wait to see the leaves changing colors now.

Having said that, here I am, back with another Monthly Favorites post. The things I’m mentioning in this post aren’t entirely beauty related. These are rather the random things that I’ve loved using the entire month!

Let’s begin! Please keep scrolling for more.

1. Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser


The very first thing that I’ve been loving this month is the Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser. Since the weather has changed and skin has started acting weird already, I felt its time to move on from liquid makeup remover solutions to cream based products.

It is a moisturizing deep cleanser & makeup remover. I used this cream cleanser last year in winters for the first time and now it has become an essential part of my autumn/winter skincare regimen.

2. Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands Stronger Nails Lotion


Honestly, I don’t use hand creams in summers other than sunscreen. But in cold drier days, this is the only hand cream I’m using from last 2 years. I really love this product. For better results, I use this cream at least 4 to 5 times a day for keeping my hands softer and smoother.

3. Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser


I tell you, I have a ‘Thing’ for charcoal based skincare products😀. And for this one, since it is an oil free formula, so it was the best cleanser for my combination skin in those humid days. It would be one of my top 5 summer cleansers and I definitely see myself continuing this one, next summers too!

4. L’Oreal Paris The Super Slim Eyeliner by Infallible


I have been using this eye liner most of the days for about a month now and have to say I’m very impressed with the results. It took a little practice at first to get the line nice and straight, but I soon got the hang of it. It goes on really smoothly and leaves a really dark, definite line. But I’ll not suggest to use this product in summertime, because It is not waterproof and smudge proof!

5. Choker (Black)


Yess… I know I am a little late to ‘Chokers’ party but in my defense, I wasn’t very comfortable wearing them initially. But once I started, I coudn’t get enough😀 This one piece I got from Forevere21 way back in summers, I loved styling it different ways most of this month!

6. My fitness pal App



Okay… so last Favorite from this post (as you can see) is an App. I’m sure you already knew about MyFitnessPal App. So did I. But what I didn’t know until a month ago, was that It could track my footsteps for entire day, automatically!

It is usually recommended to take at least 10,000 footsteps a day, for a healthy routine. And if you’re someone (like me), who finds it difficult to stay motivated and on track, then I must tell, if you haven’t tried this tracker already (and you don’t own a Fitbit), do give it a try. Just make sure to take 10,000 steps everyday, which will help keeping you on track, even if you’re missing gym or workout routine. I’m so excited to discover this. All you have to do is to hold your phone the entire time you are walking from one place to another… but… aren’t we doing that already? pff😀

This is all I have for today’s post. I’d really love to know your thoughts on these favorites of mine.

Also, I want to mention that the festival of ‘Navratri’ is beginning from tomorrow. And I’m sending my warm wishes to all of you who celebrate this festival, and hope ‘Maa Durga’ brings all the happiness and brightness in your life!

One more thing I’d like to share that my blog has been nominated for Versatile Blogger Award! I’m really excited about it (although I don’t know much about it😦 ) but I’m going to post everything regarding this in my next post which is going live tomorrow (off the schedule). Don’t forget to stop by. I would need your support🙂

With all this, I hope you all had a very good September and I wish y’all an amazing October !!

See you soon in next post🙂

Until then…

Skin care Tips for Autumn (Changing Weather)

Skin becomes much more sensitive as the temperature drops. The changing weather can really affect our skin, if we do not take proper care of it. And if we are using the wrong products: the ones which are not suitable for the season, it can double up everything from causing acne breakouts to flaky skin and what not!

Just as in summers, our skin needs lighter yet protective, moisturizing alternatives which can be absorbed immediately without being greasy. In the winters too, our skin needs certain kind of protection and proper hydration as our skin usually gets drier easily, more prone to irritations, flakiness and redness.

As we move towards the Autumn season, the humidity levels tend to drop off. Since it’s the transitioning season, the air tends to get drier, so as our skin. As a result,  our skin loses its moisture and gets dry pretty easily. Ideally, we want to amp up our skincare routine and swap our summer products for richer, more nourishing autumn/winter alternatives.

Few Tips:

1. First thing first, it’s important to replace the cleansers as we move from summer into fall. Try to avoid ingredients with glycolic or salicylic acid which would be more drying. It’s better to make these changes before winter starts (in the fall) so it gives your skin a chance to adjust.

2. If your facial skin is uncomfortably dry, try to avoid using the harsh peels, masks, and alcohol-based toners or astringents, all of which can strip vital oil from your skin. Instead, find a cleansing milk or mild foaming cleanser, a toner with no alcohol, and masks that are deeply hydrating. Also, before bed, gently cleanse your skin and then apply a rich night moisturising repair cream. Look for creams full of antioxidants, as nighttime is the best time to repair the skin. As skin can become a little dryer as the temperature cools, and central heating is turned on, after cleansing at night try adding a few drops of a rich nourishing oil to  night cream for an extra boost.

3. You may have found a moisturizer that works just fine in spring and summer. But as the weather conditions change, its very important that you should update your skin care routine. Find a moisturizer that’s oil-based, rather than water-based, as the oil will create a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisture than a cream or lotion. But choose your oils with care because not all oils are appropriate for the face.

4. Harsh central heating causes low humidity, which leads to water evaporating from our skin. This can cause cracking, flaking and irritation. Invest in a humidifier to keep the air moist in your home and/or workplace. Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water and moisturize your skin as often as necessary, along with replenishing lip balm and extra-thick hand/foot cream.

5. Hot baths and showers can be an absolute necessity in the coming colder days. After all, there’s nothing more relaxing than a long soak in the bubbles or a nice soothing shower. But sadly, they can dissolve the protective barrier in the skin which will eventually lead to dryness. So, it is very important to moisturize head to toe after getting out of a hot shower.
A lukewarm bath with oatmeal or bath oils can help relieving the dry skin that has become itchy and uncomfortable.

6. This is the most important tip, as many women make this mistake. Ladies… Sunscreen is not just for summertime! Winter sun combined with snow glare can still damage your skin. Remember, you still need to protect your skin from the sun all year round, so try to find a good day moisturizing cream that has a minimum SPF15 and a good UVA protection. Use this as a base everyday before applying your makeup.

7. When the weather is changing, sometimes it’s best just to let the skin have a short break. In other words, try to skip aggressive treatments for a little bit, and try exfoliating less (for example, say once a week as opposed to twice) and instead concentrate more on gentle cleansing and moisturizing. Exfoliate (if you must) with an oil-based scrub. Oil-based scrubs are wonderful because they exfoliate and hydrate your skin at the same time.

8. And last, when in doubt, consider all your personal factors together, like: Age, the climate you live in, skin type, etc. and then decide what works best for you. For example, the things I was using 10 years ago when I was living in India, definitely do not work for my skin anymore, in these weather conditions here in Boston!!

Along with all these tips, I’d suggest, to give your skin a healthy and dewy look in this season,  prefer using cream based makeup products. Dewy foundations, cream blushes, contour sticks etc. could be a better alternatives in coming days!

Let me know how do you like to protect and pamper your skin during this time. I’d love to hear all.🙂

See you soon in the next post.

Until then…

Layering Tips for Fall | Autumn Lookbook

It is that time of year again, when the leaves change color from green to red, orange, yellow or brown before falling. If we talk about fashion, the transition from warm to cold weather means we are officially in the season of layering!

Layering is an art, which if not done properly, can make you look bigger than you actually are! On the contrary, if you learn to master the art of layering, you’ll find that it is a style that not only keeps you warm, but also make your outfits more interesting, overall.

The most important thing about layering is getting a good handle on the basics with a twist of trendy additions to the current wardrobe. Just because it’s getting colder, doesn’t mean we will be giving up on style, it just means that we have to think a little more creatively while getting dressed.

Here are a few tips and tricks I’m sharing that help me staying stylish in this transitioning weather. Also, in this post I’m featuring few Fall/Autumn outfit ideas reflecting my personal style. For more, please keep scrolling…

1. Keep the under-layers more fitted to keep your shape looking slim. A thin turtleneck, for example, under a top, blouse or even under a summer dress will definitely keep you warm and can give your outfit a whole new look.



2. Make stockings you best friends in this weather. You can, for instance, throw a pair of tights or sheer stockings under a pair of ripped jeans or under a pair of shorts to stay warm and stylish at the same time.




3. Invest wisely in few essential layering pieces. Longline cardigans, Denim jackets, Biker leather jackets, Stylish bomber Jackets are a great deal this season. You can just pair them with any outfit to give it an entirely chic look.



4. Be aware to match right type of shoes with your outfit, specially in this season. Sandals or flip flops won’t look flattering anymore during this time. Shoes can make or break your entire look, so pair them wisely! Although the trend of wedge ankle boots is dying and block heel ankle boots are taking their place, they’ll still look cute with cuffed jeans or a dress.




5. Last, just try to be more playful with different textures. Its best to incorporate a mix of materials or fabrics when styling a layered look. Using same fabrics; chances are your look will come off as heavy and bulky which can add the appearance of unwanted weight, which each one of us would love to avoid, I’m sure😉

These are the tips and tricks which I personally like to keep in mind while dressing up in this changing weather. And I promise, you don’t have to compromise with your style even in the depths of cold, if you’ll learn how to ‘Layer like a pro’!

Happy Autumn!🙂

See you soon in next post.

Until then…